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Graphic Design II - Fake Advertisement Project - March 2019

March 19, 2019 - Revised: March 23, 2019

For the past two months, our Graphic Design class took on another fun initiative that differs from your typical logo or poster design. This time we had to find a famous branded product and put it into a regular horizontal format, a vertical magazine format, and a website format.

For my advertisement, I parodied Doritos with a minty twist! "Minty Toothpaste Flavored Doritos" was my product of choice and for two weeks, with trial and error, I've completed another project that extra amounts of effort.

First, I pulled out a PNG image of a Dorito bag and scaled it to size. Next I used the paint brush tool and sprayed some light blue to give it a texture-ish feel to it. Then I painted over the words and put a font that was similar to the bag. I chose the "Robofan" font found on

Later during the week we also had to make variant designs as well as "putting it" to a website.

After trying several different designs (which unfortunately I forgot to screenshot), the final and revised versions are labeled below.

Preliminary Poster


Horizontal and "Magazine" Variants


The Fake Screenshot With The "Fake Ad"


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