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Graphic Design II - Parody Logos - October 2018

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

For the past month and a half, my graphics class at my high school has been working on a very fun and interesting project which I loved from the very start. This elaborate project was to create a "parody logo", now this can either be from an automotive maker, a television network or a famous Sportswear.

For the assignment our teacher asked us to put in a total of 10 logos (5 from Adobe Photoshop and 5 from Illustrator) using our first or last names. This process took almost about a month to complete using an iMac at my school and a 13-inch Macbook Air at home. The process also included finding the SVG files through Wikimedia (Illustrator based PNG), various fonts, and tons of references. I was also prepping for the upcoming ACT test, getting all of my letters of recommendations through and my art portfolio in check. But this project along with sketching everyday helped me in the process.

The Most Difficult Parody Logo...

The most difficult logo out of all ten was probably the Starbucks parody logo.

In this simple design I cropped up a headshot of myself from Snapchat converted the image into black and white through Photoshop, and then went over in Illustrator and converted it as a "sketch".

And after several attempts getting the circle position right, I completed this logo within three weeks.

The most simple design was the Nickelodeon "Splat" logo from the late 90's till it's redesign in 2009. Finding the fonts was easy, and the whole process was easy. It was mostly a stress reliever to express my past and how better it was at that time.

Here's an Outline of the of the logo.

I personally thought I spent my time well on this project but I wished I spent my time more wisely. Considering I hate procrastinating, I got this done in less than two weeks, but as time went on, I proceeded to rush as hard as possible.

As for the work, I accomplished something that personally came out of my head. Those logos had a meaning to me personally but I wanted something else to have a "comedic effect". In terms of the rushing, I will spend it more wisely and take my time on it instead of feeling "rushed". Overall, this is a very fun project and I hope to do this again sometime in the near future.

Credits for the original designs go to their respected owners as followed down below:

Ford Motor Company, The New York Rangers, Starbucks Coffee, Nickelodeon, Adidas, Amtrak, Nintendo, Oldsmobile (General Motors), Royal Caribbean International, and YouTube (Google).

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Starbucks: TBD



New York Rangers:



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